FAQs about TLC for Kids

Can I request assistance for a friend's child or family member?

All requests are made via healthcare professionals from various hospitals and organisations around Australia. Unfortunately, we do not take solicitations from family members or family friends.

How does TLC for Kids source funding?

TLC for Kids actively raises all funds via events, public media appeals, individual donations, bequests and corporate sponsorship. We also receive some philanthropic grants. TLC for Kids receives no regular government funding.

Who are TLC for Kids' sponsors and partners?

TLC for Kids’ sponsors and partners can be found here

How do I go about hosting an event or fundraiser?

Please see our Fundraising page for details on how to fundraise for TLC for Kids.

How can I apply for my organisation to be included in the Distraction Box or RAPID TLC Program?

Please apply for the programs via the Healthcare Login portal. A TLC for Kids Staff Member will then contact you to discuss your application.