Consent to Fundraise Form

  1. The organiser of any fundraising event or activity needs to abide by all State/Territory charities legislation and apply for any permits and authorities that may be required. This is inclusive of all raffles, bingo, vending tickets, other games of chance or any public. Different states have their own legislation, which should be checked beforehand. If in doubt, contact TLC for Kids’ head office.
  2. Organisers are advised to obtain any insurances and indemnities considered necessary in association with any event that involves the general community or individual members of the public. TLC for Kids’ Public Liability Insurance does not cover events conducted by outside parties.
  3. Organisers wishing to use TLC for Kids’ name and logo must make an application to TLC for Kids. Approval to use the name and logo is only given if the artwork meets the TLC for Kids’ branding guidelines and has been approved by the TLC for Kids office.
  4. All publicity in reference to the fundraising event/activity should clearly state that the event/activity is being organised by (name of organiser/company) in support of TLC for Kids. All promotional material must be worded in such a way as to make it clear that TLC for Kids is either the only beneficiary, or is one of a number of charities benefiting  from  the  event, and, if there are only certain components of an event that are raising funds for TLC for Kids, specific details must be clearly publicised. Eg. Profits from this event will be donated to TLC for Kids.
  5. The organisers must not represent themselves as having any agency or contractual commercial relationship with TLC for Kids. (Unless authorised) – The organiser also must not say they are calling on behalf of TLC for Kids in any communications, and further acknowledges that they are operating as an independent third party who is choosing to support TLC for Kids.
  6. The organisers must not incur any expenses in the name of TLC for Kids, and TLC for Kids cannot be held liable for any expenses relating to any event unless written authority is provided by the CEO or Executive Manager.
  7. The organisers must agree and acknowledge that only TLC for Kids Management, certified Auxiliary Members or Board of Directors are authorised to fulfil any aspect of a child’s request or service provision in connection to TLC for Kids.
  8. All committed proceeds raised  from  the  nominated  fundraising  activity/ies conducted  during the event  for TLC for Kids are to be remitted within four (4) weeks of completing the event or activity, and banked into the nominated account of TLC for Kids.
  9. Use of logo: All printed or electronic material produced in association with your activity that mentions or requires the use of the TLC for Kids logo must be approved prior to publication, by TLC for Kids.
  10. Any publicity (radio, print, TV) must be approved by TLC for Kids prior to being made public.