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TLC for kids is a National ATO Endorsed charity that supports sick kids and their families through the moments in hospital where fear and distress can take over. Our distraction services facilitate kids through frightening procedures, and in the crucial 48 hour period following any emotionally challenging situation in hospital.

TLC for kids works with over 400 hospitals across the nation and we’re the only organisation in Australia providing emotional and practical support in these timeframes.



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did you know?

Distraction has been medically proven to reduce physical pain

In an emergency, it’s the simple support that provides comfort & stability

Fear is one of the biggest inhibitors to smooth hospital treatment and short waiting lists

1.8 million kids undergo treatment in hospital each year on average

And we reach 28% of them! But we’re going for 100%...

Positive thinking and distraction has actual physical healing effects

A positive hospital experience means the child is less afraid for future visits

Art is used in hospitals to encourage emotional expression in adolescents

TLC for kids services are being used to distract a child every 77 seconds, every hour or every day.


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