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How we are different

About Our Restriction-Free Service Model

A sick child should never have to wait or qualify for the help they and their families need.

TLC for Kids is dedicated to providing prompt assistance to sick children in need. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to ensure that sick kids receive the care and attention they deserve without any unnecessary barriers or delays.

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No waiting Lists

We don’t put children on waiting lists to receive our help. We action all requests immediately

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No Restrictive Criteria

There is no pre-required level of illness for kids to qualify for our help

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Super-Fast Response Time

We are committed to actioning requests between 24 – 48 hours, if not sooner

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Complete Ability

We’ve never had to turn away a single request for Rapid support due to inability to fulfill it

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No Service Limits on Quantity

We work with kids as many times as we’re needed. No matter how many years we’re required, we’re still there

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We Do Not Ignore Kids

We do not ignore kids who have been previously supported by another charity service, including our own

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Network of Healthcare Professionals

All of our requests come via healthcare professionals/nurses who recommend when a child needs help and what they would therapeutically benefit from

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An Extension of Healthcare Teams

Nurses & healthcare professionals rely on TLC for Kids as an extension of their team. They keep us informed of where the gaps are forming, and what services are really needed

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Australian Owned

We are wholely Australian owned and operated, which means that all our funds are directed to helping sick kids and their families in Australia. We are currently focused on expanding our Rapid Service nation-wide and extending services to ambulances

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Lean & Efficient Model

Our process innovations allow us to run on extraordinarily lean operating costs, reaching and supporting kids nearly a million times each year from a base of only 4 full time staff and a handful of part-time staff, as well as volunteers

Thank you for considering donating to TLC for Kids

We have heard first-hand from our families that support from their community means the world to them.

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TLC for Kids is the only Australian children’s charity providing unconditional relief to sick children, no matter their age, illness or condition. Your contribution, no matter how big or small, has the power to bring hope and healing to those who need it most. Together, we can be the beacon of light in their darkest moments.

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