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Tap 2 Distract

Relief is just a tap away

The Tap 2 Distract App is a vital digital tool that offers numerous benefits for pain management and coping with stressful situations, making it particularly valuable for children or individuals with needle phobia undergoing vaccinations, immunisations, or medical examinations.

Using distraction and diversion therapy as the basis for its content, the app draws inspiration from our TLC Distraction Box, which has been providing effective distraction techniques for 20+ years in over 400 hospitals across Australia and New Zealand.

Providing “Anytime, Anywhere” Distraction

This evidence-based approach ensures that the app provides reliable and proven strategies to alleviate anxiety, reduce discomfort, and enhance overall well-being during challenging medical procedures.

With the app readily available for immediate intervention and conveniently accessible in the palm of the user’s hand, it serves as a powerful resource, offering a variety of engaging activities and interactive distractions for on-the-spot relief.

The Distraction Reaction

Positive Impact on Frontline Workers

The Tap 2 Distract App offers numerous benefits and positive impacts on healthcare professionals and frontline workers, or anyone working with children in medical settings or if a child is facing anxiety or increases stress.

By providing a powerful digital distraction tool, the app enhances their ability to deliver high-quality care and foster positive patient experiences. The App offers healthcare professionals a valuable tool to distract and engage children during medical procedures or other situations, with the aim of leading to improving the state of mental health and wellbeing.

  • Enhanced patient engagement
  • Improved pain management
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • improved workflow efficiency
  • Building trust and rapport
  • Empowering patients
  • Mitigating infection risks
  • Continuing care beyond the clinical setting


A free resource and digital tool

The Tap 2 Distract App was created to remove the ‘barrier to play’ and developed by TLC for Kids as a free resource and digital tool to be available in the palm of the hands of parents, guardians and any healthcare professional and frontline workers.

It provides immediate, positive distraction and engagement for children undergoing any medical procedure, examination, traumatic experience or if there is a need for an injection. 

Over 45,300 minutes of engagement have already been provided, with the average time spent per session being two minutes and 40 seconds. The app is designed to give positive distraction and increase a sense of calmness in everyday situations that may be challenging. If you use the app once or have it as your go-to tool, we hope it helps make a small difference and improves your day in some way, or those you use it with.



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Tap 2 Distract is a really easy-to-use distraction app for kids. I love that it caters to all ages - there's a game for everyone.

Justine Badger, parent of app user


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Tap 2 Distract

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