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About TLC for Kids

Australia’s Leading Children’s Charity

TLC for Kids is Australia’s leading children’s charity, helping sick kids and their families cope with the challenges of everyday life with illness.

Since 1998, TLC for Kids has given relief and much-needed distraction to sick children and their families during stressful and traumatic situations.

In hospitals across Australia, our services have been used over 15 million times and counting (currently, almost a million times each year).

Upon referral, we give tailored practical and emotional support both in and out of the hospital. Whether it’s a one-off hospital visit or a prolonged struggle with illness, we are part of the extended support network for sick children, aiming to reduce stress and help the whole family face what’s ahead.

Our Services

With four very unique services, TLC for Kids’ mission is to help bring smiles back onto the faces of sick children and their families.

Our Services

Distraction™ Box Program

The Distraction™ Box Program is designed to give nurses and healthcare professionals the perfect tools to guide young children through painful examinations and procedures.

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Each Distraction Box is placed in medical treatment and assessment rooms, emergency departments, pathology clinics etc.

Each box is used multiple times and contains a variety of specific toys and items that engage the child and divert their attention away from the procedure, all whilst complying with hospital infection control protocols.

Our Services

Tap 2 Distract App

Building on these proven distraction principles, we have developed a Digital Distraction App that gives children worldwide, anytime, anywhere distraction.

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Tap 2 Distract comprises a variety of child-friendly games.

Each game and activity has a specific purpose to help distract and reduce fear for a child during a medical procedure, immunisation or whilst they are experiencing any form of stress or discomfort. The engagement can assist and improve the state of mental health of the child, accessible from any smart device.

Our Services

Rapid TLC Service

Our Rapid TLC Service delivers timely support to help lift the spirits and ease the stress of the child and their family in whatever way we can.

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Our Rapid TLC Services offer a variety of options, including a surprise birthday package or a fun family day out.

Requests can range from arts and crafts activities, to dream experiences, to a day or weekend away for the family and patient, to assisting funeral expenses when tragedy does occur. 

Our Services

TLC Ambulance

The TLC Ambulance provides an immersive and engaging experience that differentiates it from other patient transport vehicles.

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The TLC Ambulance offers a very special day out for children in palliative care, and their families, to their most treasured destinations.

And at the end of each trip, the families receive photos and vision captured throughout the day that create some wonderful lasting memories.

Special thanks to Ambulance Victoria paramedics who volunteer their time to drive the TLC Ambulance and make these trips possible.

In hospitals across Australia, TLC for Kids services have been used over 15 million times and counting.



The TLC for Kids Journey

Never say no to a family in need

The ethos of TLC for Kids

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How we help

As a steadfast safety net, we offer individualised support to sick children and their families, recognising that the smallest acts of kindness often make the largest impact.

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For fundraising ideas for kids or fundraising ideas for charity, read more to learn how to get involved with TLC for Kids and TLC for Kids events.

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