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How you can help

From bake sales to charity runs, every effort made brings us closer to providing comfort and support to these young fighters.

As we embark on this journey of compassion and kindness, we are reminded that generosity knows no bounds when it comes to helping those in need. The power of community shines brightly as individuals from all walks of life unite under one noble cause: making a difference in the lives of sick children.

Through our collective efforts, we not only raise funds but also spirits, showing these resilient youngsters that they are never alone in their battles. Join us on this heartwarming quest as we spread joy, love, and healing one donation at a time.

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General Fundraising

Putting the fun in fundraising! There are a lot of activities that offer a fantastic opportunity to raise money for children’s charity. Anything from a bake sale, to a charity walk, to donating a portion of your sales.

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Host An Event

If your club or organisation is hosting an event like a dinner, trivia or comedy night, why not donate your proceeds – or part of them – to children in need? All you need is friends, family, and the spirit of generosity!

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Coin Collection

Coin collection is a tried and tested form of fundraising. TLC for Kids offers money boxes to place at point of sale, or collection tins to ‘rattle’ for a good cause! Just $1.45 allows us to impact a sick child, so every coin counts!

Getting started

Before starting your fundraising activity, make sure you let us know about it so that we can legally cover your fundraising.

Once you’ve collected your funds, head over to our Donations page to donate.

Plus, we love getting stories and pictures from our amazing supporters, so don’t forget to keep us in the loop!

There is some fine print to be aware of…


Prefer to make a regular donation?

Workplace Giving Program

Workplace Giving involves a small pre-tax donation through your company’s payroll system, or workplace fundraising, in-kind support and volunteering. It's fantastic for company culture and morale, fostering a connection to help sick children in need.

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Discover more about TLC for Kids

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How we help

As a steadfast safety net, we offer individualised support to sick children and their families, recognising that the smallest acts of kindness often make the largest impact.

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Get Involved

For fundraising ideas for kids or fundraising ideas for charity, read more to learn how to get involved with TLC for Kids and TLC for Kids events.

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