The inaugural TLC Ambu-Lunch

TLC for Kids was proud to host the inaugural TLC Ambu-Lunch on Friday November 22nd at Cargo Hall in Melbourne, hosted by Justin Smith.

The event was the perfect opportunity to present updates and insights about the TLC Ambulance to over 120 esteemed and valued sponsors, donors and supporters. Guests were treated to a number of presentations from key stakeholders, who each brought a unique perspective to the journey of the TLC Ambulance from its inception until now. Tim Conolan AM and Ana Darras, Co-Founders of TLC for Kids, spoke with passion and sensitivity about the meaning and impact of the program, while Jemima Tawse, TLC Mum and paramedic, also shared the special significance of the program in relation to her daughter Emily, who sadly passed away at age 7.

"When you're having those conversations and you're approaching the end, it's all about memory making" - Jemima Tawse speaking about the experience of having a child in palliative care

Guests also heard from foundation partner Bozena Zembrzuski, Co-Founder of the Montagner-Zembrzuski Family Foundation, as well as Stephen Beers and Heidi Murphy from 3AW, who were instrumental in helping to raise $315,000 at the TLC Ambulance appeal in August.

"You're giving them a very special moment in the time they have left." - Bozenza Zembrzuski on what it means to be a sponsor of the program

Guests had the opportunity to examine the TLC Ambulance, including the medical fitout in its interior. Tony Walker, Ambulance Victoria CEO, and Rob Grosso from Seen Technology were able to provide a technical insight into both the machinations of the vehicle as well as the creative plans for the interior itself.

"Being a paramedic you have a bucket, and sometimes it get emptied by what you see. This fills that bucket" - Tony Walker, Ambulance Victoria CEO

With a number of incredible auction prizes available, as well as deliciously scented candles from MOR, custom jewellery from Artelia, and pledge opportunities, the event was also able to raise funds to support the ongoing and future costs of the TLC Ambulance.

TLC for Kids would like to thank the following partners and sponsors of the TLC Ambulance:

Major Partners & Sponsors

  • Ambulance Victoria – Program Partner
  • Montagner-Zembrzuski Family Foundation – Foundation Partner
  • Mercedes Benz Vans – Proud Sponsor
  • 3AW – Proud Sponsor
  • Australian Powerline Industries – Proud Sponsor
  • Mader – Proud Sponsor
  • Australian Merch Co – Proud Sponsor

Vehicle Partners

  • Seen Technology
  • A Blanck Canvas
  • Spicers
  • Zest Image
  • 3M

Event Supporters

  • Showtime Event Group
  • Artelia
  • MOR
  • Ethical Kollektiv
  • iD Collective


  • Justin Smith
  • Adelaide Clark

We look forwarding to keeping you updated about the journey of the TLC Ambulance.

Please find an event gallery below.

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