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About Distraction Boxes

The TLC for Kids Distraction™ Box Program is designed to give nurses and healthcare professionals the perfect tools to guide young children through painful examinations and procedures.

The Box is placed in medical rooms and contains items that engage the attention of the child; complement the procedure; comply with hospital infection control protocols; and divert attention away from the procedure. 

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What’s In The Box?

Each Distraction™ Box contains a number of fully-researched and therapeutic items to distract and guide children through painful medical examinations and procedures. All items comply with hospital infection protocols, and are geared towards children who are developmentally 8 years old and younger. Distractions can be delivered within 60 seconds using this program, meanings its impact is instant.

The Science of Distraction™

 We aim to distract the child from what is happening and focus instead on a therapeutic item from the Distraction™ Box. This can ease the child’s fear and lower the need for medical sedatives and pain relievers, meaning reduced anxiety for the child, parent, and professional, and a smoother procedure overall. It’s used in emergency departments, immunisations, paediatric wards, & even chemotherapy.

Distraction™ Boxes: Current Impact

TLC for Kids currently services 405 hospitals and medical centres around Australia, with over 1,866 TLC Distraction™ Boxes currently in use. Based on the amount of children who access these boxes, we impact procedures up to 2,400 times a day. This makes TLC for Kids a crucial presence in the medical community.

Distraction™ Boxes: Where To Next?

TLC for Kids is aiming to expand the Distraction™ Box Program to more rural and regional areas across Australia, with the hope of reaching all children. We also intend to expand into other medical services such as ambulances and dental surgeries, where Distraction would be valuable.  

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(Please note: Distraction Boxes are free of charge for public hospitals or clinics. For private hospitals or clinics, there is an affordable charge in order to cover supply and refills)

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