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Advocating for TLC for Kids

Imagine a world where every child facing a medical crisis receives immediate and compassionate support, where families find solace in moments of uncertainty, and where hope prevails even in the darkest hours. This is the mission of TLC for Kids, a pioneering charity dedicated to alleviating the burdens of paediatric emergencies across Australia.

At TLC for Kids, we redefine what it means to provide emergency support. Beyond the medical interventions, we are a beacon of comfort and practical aid for families navigating the complexities of hospital stays. Our commitment lies not only in addressing urgent needs but also in restoring hope and peace of mind during times of distress.

Our impact extends far beyond the hospital walls. By fostering resilience and stability within families, we cultivate a community where compassion thrives. Through partnerships with medical providers and donors, we continue to expand our reach, ensuring that no child faces their journey alone.

Whether through volunteering, spreading awareness, or contributing to our cause, your support makes a tangible difference in the lives of countless children and families across Australia.

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The Strength of Your Voice

We are currently only a small charity, so we need all the help we can in getting the word out there, whether by sharing on social media or simply by talking to someone. Just by letting people know about us, you’re helping raise awareness for children who fall through the gaps of existing support services, which in turn helps us bridge that gap. Your voice can be very powerful!

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It All Starts With a Conversation

Awareness can start with a conversation. Many people may not realise that, by sheer misfortune, there are many children who don’t qualify for existing support services, including accident and burns victims and children with rare diseases. TLC for Kids is Australia’s only emergency response charity for these children. Your words alone can have a flow-on effect that ultimately helps us help those children.

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Call Upon Your Network

Social and organisational networks – both digital and real – are so important today, especially for charities. A conversation can go a long way, so why not put out a call to arms to your networks and groups? As a community, we all need to rally around those kids who are distressed and suffering without enough support and assistance. Remember: just $1.20 can impact a sick child, so put the word out today!

Just One Click

Social media is a fantastic way to advocate for TLC for Kids.

With just one click, you can help our charity reach hundreds or even thousands of people, some of whom might need our help, or some of whom might so generously make a donation to our vital programs.

We’ve put social media buttons on all our website pages to make things easier!


The Power of a Story…

Real life stories can resonate in a way that very little else can.

Please feel free to read some of our powerful, heartwarming stories to get an idea of the ways in which we have helped children in the past.


Discover more about TLC for Kids

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How we help

As a steadfast safety net, we offer individualised support to sick children and their families, recognising that the smallest acts of kindness often make the largest impact.

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Get Involved

For fundraising ideas for kids or fundraising ideas for charity, read more to learn how to get involved with TLC for Kids and TLC for Kids events.

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