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  • We gave 2 projection lights to a teenage boy with acquired brain injury. He doesn’t respond to much, but responded well to lights in a therapeutic sensory room. So, we gave him projection lights to create an amazing night sky similar to the sensory room.
  • We contributed to travel expenses for a bereaved family. After their young son died, the family was travelling to Japan to try to enjoy time together, and wanted to visit the movie studio that made their son’s favourite movie.
  • We gave a special Fisher Price Swing and Musical Mobile to settle an extremely premature baby and assist her development.
  • We contributed to a large seahorse commode for a boy with airway vulnerability and spinal muscle atrophy type 1, to help his showering and personal care.
  • A girl with a life-threatening tissue disease wanted a name badge similar to Royal Children’s Hospital staff. We gave her three fun name badges just the same as the RCH nurses wear on the ward, custom-made with a Butterfly, Bunny and Pig print, with her name at the bottom. We also included a Hello Kitty Bag.  
  • Less than a week old, a newborn boy with a very rare genetic disorder required intensive lifesaving medical management and was intubated at day 6 of life and placed on CPA. His family lived a distance away and the loss of income, cost of travel and mounting bills weighed heavily on the family unit. We paid expensive phone and electricity bills to help ease the burden on that family.

  • We provided a number of baby items – car seats, baths, prams – to families who had to move urgently away from their homes due to hospitalised children.
  • We gave transport and accommodation contributions to a number families attending bereavement gatherings around the country.
  • A 3-year-old boy experienced a crush injury to his hand when it was caught in a cement mixer. Acting quickly, surgeons believe they were able to save his hand. He was stuck in bed and feeling very sad.  TLC for Kids provided a portable DVD player and a selection of DVDs with lots of his favourite characters, to help keep him entertained while recovering in hospital. He woke up with a big smile on his face!
  • A 2-year-old girl has multiple conditions that have resulted in 8 respiratory arrests. TLC provided a Personal Alarm System to enable her Mum to contact 000 and Emergency Services with the simple press of a button and not have to hold a phone while attending to her daughter when she is unable to breathe. Her Mum was struggling financially and was unable to afford this equipment. She was in tears and so relieved to hear that TLC for Kids could help out.  
  • We secured Cricket World Cup Tickets for a family whose cricket-loving 3-year-old boy suffers from a rare illness with a very poor prognosis.
  • We gave Lego and an awesome comics package to a 16-year-old boy with heart failure, who celebrated his 17th birthday in hospital. We also gave Luna Park tickets to his sister who missed celebrating her 18th birthday due to the family’s struggle.