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Real life stories can resonate in a way that very little else can.

These heartwarming stories showcase the impact of love, support and opportunity on the lives of children facing adversity.

How we helped


Little Kennedy and her family tragically lost her 2-year-old sister to multiple illnesses and respiratory failure. She was having a lot of trouble coping with this, especially with sleep/bedtime issues. After a lot of work from her mum and dad, and a lot of talking and working through things Kennedy has recently, at the age of 7.5 years, started putting herself to sleep in her own room without help. This is a huge milestone and a sign of some healing. TLC for Kids organised for Kennedy and her family to experience Melbourne Zoo’s ‘Rore N Snore’ night, where people can enjoy the zoo after dark. Kennedy’s Mum said “Kennedy thoroughly enjoyed the night, hanging onto every word that the Keepers shared and getting to sleep near the animals, whilst also having the opportunity to see some close up. The sleepover was a double treat really as Kennedy has a passion for animals of all shapes and sizes. Feeding a giraffe and watching the meerkats, were the real highlights for Kennedy!”


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Stephen has Acute Lymphatic Leukaemia. We gave Stephen and his Mum a Finger Pulse Monitor and protective case, to help monitor Stephen’s oxygen saturation levels when he has asthma. We also included a Chuckles Audio Monitor to enable Mum to hear Stephen from another room, plus a box of Genius 2 Probe Covers to help out with his thermometer readings.


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Elle, 11, has left slit ventrical syndrome; hydrocephalus; left side cerebral palsy; and Aspergers. Her family organised a trip to Sydney for some bonding and relaxation time, and we contributed travel insurance, Aquarium tickets and car hire. We received some lovely feedback from the Boyd family: “Thank you all so much for the contributions toward our family Easter break to Sydney. It was so good to get away and enjoy some valuable quality time with each other. Your generosity and help made things a little easier.”

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Theo has Tracheoesophageal Fistula and Vocal Cord Palsy. He requires 24-hour oximeter monitoring, nasogastric feeds, and a tracheostomy insitu. He needs suctioning every 5 minutes. We helped organised this Bugaboo Pram so that his suctioning and medical equipment can be stored safely to the side. We also added in some pram toys, a new bath seat, and some cinema and hair vouchers for Mum and Dad who endured a lengthy and stressful stay in ICU.

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Archer with his new PJs, socks, and Toy Story toys! Archer has Type 1 Diabetes and was in in the Royal Children’s Hospital. We extend our warmest wishes to his family and especially his Mum Deb, who wrote to us: “He has been inseparable from his Woody toy that arrived. We cannot thank you enough for the lovely, generous gift and we are glad that you can provide this wonderful service for so many families, when their world has been turned upside down. I think, and I am sure that all of the families that you help also think, that what you do is fantastic!!”


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Christian, little soccer champ! Christian has Bilateral Vocal Cord Palsy and needs a tracheostomy tube (artificial airway), but that didn’t stop him from loving the Futsal Oz Pre-school Soccer Program we organised for him.


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Joel, a 10-year old boy, had Cystic Fibrosis. He was constantly in hospital with lung infections and other respiratory complications. Before Christmas one year, it was a particularly rough time for Joel. His results were not too good, and he was at a very low point. His medical team asked him what kind of things he had on his Christmas list, and he said he would love a Razor Power Wing scooter. The nurses thought this was a great idea and agreed it would really help lift his spirits while he was in hospital. As well as being a good source of exercise for his lungs, it was good reason to get him out of his hospital bed.

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Young Keira suffers from Epilepsy and Global Development Delay, and her Mum needed some assistance in enabling Keira to attend and enjoy an extended family visit in Queensland. We gave Keira a Super VIP Pass for 3 Parks – Sea World, Wet ‘N Wild and Movie World – plus a Dreamworld Pass to gain entry to both Dreamworld and Whitewater World. We also arranged the Hire of a wooden cot for their stay, plus a Hire Car and Booster Seat for the duration of the holiday. Keira and her Mum had a fantastic holiday!

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Cathryn and Laura

After a horrific motor vehicle accident, sisters Cathryn* and Laura*, 6 and 8 yrs old, both received severe multiple injuries and the death of their Grandmother, who was driving the car. As well as suffering the terrible injuries to their little bodies, they were completely traumatised by the impact of the accident, and the loss of a dear family member. Hospital staff called us to provide some distraction for the girls to help them get through this extremely upsetting time, and keep them occupied both at the hospital and at home, through their recovery. TLC for Kids provided the girls with an iPad Mini and various iTunes cards of different denominations/value.


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Vinnie is 10 and suffers from Germinoma (brain tumour recurrence). We’ve helped Vinnie and his family a few times over the years. His Mum sent us some pics of Vinnie, his sister Mia, and his adventures – we have a special soft spot for the photo of him in the soccer gear we organised for him.


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Lucy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was only 7 years old. Lucy and her mum had a very old fridge at home that leaked, the temperature often changed without being noticed, and it made large thumping noises that carried on during the night, creating lots of restless sleep. With Lucy’s diagnosis, it then meant that she had to store her insulin in the fridge, which caused the family immense stress and concern that it wasn’t going to be safe. Lucy’s mum was single mother, and really struggling financially. TLC replaced Lucy’s old fridge and provided some peace of mind to Lucy and her mum, knowing that her Insulin could be stored safely, and it was reliable for general food storage, which was also important to regulate Lucy’s sugar levels.

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Jacob had Congestive Heart Failure. He had been in the Royal Children’s Hospital for several months on a VAD (Ventricular Assisted Device), awaiting a heart transplant. He was from Queensland, and he and his family had to stay in Melbourne for a further 3 months once his operation was approved. They were staying in a ‘Transplant Flat’ near the Royal Children’s Hospital. Jacob was about to have his 4th birthday. He wanted to go home. One of Jacob’s nurses called in for a RAPID TLC. She felt that Jacob needed something to cheer him up, especially on his birthday. Her first request was a themed birthday cake, something from the Disney/Pixar movie ‘Cars’, and the second request, after his surgery, was something to bring his confidence back from being bed-ridden for so long, requiring re-educating him to start ‘playing’ and being active again.

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Eulalie has a condition called Bilateral Congenital Chylothoraces, wherein excessive amounts of fluid enters the lungs, impairing breathing, and often requiring a chest tube to be inserted and kept in place until the fluid drainage stops. This can take days to weeks, and can require prolonged hospitalisations. Eugenie had been hospitalized since birth. She had an emergency tracheostomy, and whilst her parents had been amazingly resilient, the length of her admission was still unknown. TLC for Kids was asked to send her parents away for one night, to enjoy a nice meal together and catch up on some overdue quality time, and provide a bunch of educational toys to distract her through such a distressing time.


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We received a Request to help little Keana, whose brother Kohden has been an inpatient since birth with congenital lung malformation. Kohden is having surgery next week, and it’s hard for their parents to manage. We gave a Zoo membership to the family and a special package of creative items and dolls for Keana to help distract her and help her family through this stressful time.


How we helped


George was diagnosed with Ependymoma, a malignant brain tumour, when he was 4-years old. In the hope of beating brain cancer, he had in excess of 15 hospital visits, enduring a series of chemotherapy, radiology and surgery. He couldn’t comprehend the full extent of what was going on, but he knew his health was in question. He didn’t want much; he just wanted to be a normal kid, just like all of his friends. Finally when George was released from hospital, weak and exhausted, the family decided to go to the Sunshine Coast for a much-needed holiday, and TLC for Kids provided some family fun. Then, just twelve months later and starting 4-year-old Kinder thinking the worst was behind him, George was readmitted to hospital after his tumour had progressed. TLC for Kids was again contacted after another major brain operation. This time it was a simple request to cheer the little fella up. TLC provided an Emergency Response Lego set, including helicopters and a Fire Engine, which George absolutely loved.


Other recent RAPID TLC Stories

During a critical period, we provided support to children who were battling illnesses and their families who were struggling to cope with the situation.

In times of crisis, it is essential to provide a network of support for families dealing with illnesses, particularly when children are involved. Our commitment to making a difference in the lives of these vulnerable individuals drove us to go above and beyond in offering assistance wherever needed.

As we continue this mission of compassion and service, our aim is to create a community where no child or family feels alone in their struggle against illness. Together, we can make a difference by providing comfort, aid, and understanding during times of great uncertainty and need.


Premature Baby

We gave a special Fisher Price Swing and Musical Mobile to settle an extremely premature baby and assist her development.

Rare Illness

We secured Cricket World Cup Tickets for a family whose cricket-loving 3-year-old boy suffers from a rare illness with a very poor prognosis.


We gave transport and accommodation contributions to a number families attending bereavement gatherings around the country.

Travel Expenses

We contributed to travel expenses for a bereaved family. After their young son died, the family went to Japan to try to enjoy time together, and wanted to visit the movie studio that made their son’s favourite movie.

Personal Care

We contributed to a large seahorse commode for a boy with airway vulnerability and spinal muscle atrophy type 1, to help his showering and personal care.

Baby Items

We provided a number of baby items – car seats, baths, prams – to families who had to move urgently away from their homes due to hospitalised children.

Physical Therapy

We gave 2 projection lights to a teenage boy with acquired brain injury. He doesn’t respond to much, but responded well to lights in a therapeutic sensory room. So, we gave him projection lights to create an amazing night sky similar to the sensory room.


We gave Lego and an awesome comics package to a 16-year-old boy with heart failure, who celebrated his 17th birthday in hospital. We also gave Luna Park tickets to his sister who missed celebrating her 18th birthday due to the family’s struggle.

Name Badge

A girl with a life-threatening tissue disease wanted a name badge similar to Royal Children’s Hospital staff. We gave her three fun name badges just the same as the RCH nurses wear on the ward, custom-made with a Butterfly, Bunny and Pig print, with her name at the bottom. We also included a Hello Kitty Bag.

Alarm System

A 2-year-old girl has multiple conditions that have resulted in 8 respiratory arrests. TLC provided a Personal Alarm System to enable her Mum to contact 000 and Emergency Services with the simple press of a button and not have to hold a phone while attending to her daughter when she is unable to breathe. Her Mum was struggling financially and was unable to afford this equipment. She was in tears and so relieved to hear that TLC for Kids could help out.


A 3-year-old boy experienced a crush injury to his hand when it was caught in a cement mixer. Acting quickly, surgeons believe they were able to save his hand. He was stuck in bed and feeling very sad. TLC for Kids provided a portable DVD player and a selection of DVDs with lots of his favourite characters, to help keep him entertained while recovering in hospital. He woke up with a big smile on his face!

Bill Payment

Less than a week old, a newborn boy with a very rare genetic disorder required intensive lifesaving medical management and was intubated at day 6 of life and placed on CPA. His family lived a distance away and the loss of income, cost of travel and mounting bills weighed heavily on the family unit. We paid expensive phone and electricity bills to help ease the burden on that family.

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How we help

As a steadfast safety net, we offer individualised support to sick children and their families, recognising that the smallest acts of kindness often make the largest impact.

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