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Rapid Terms and Conditions

If you’re a new user of the Rapid TLC Program, please take note of the following terms and conditions.

Terms & Conditions

  • All RAPID TLC Referrals must be initiated by a Healthcare Professional or a TLC for Kids staff member who is directly working with the child. Unfortunately, TLC for Kids cannot accept referrals from family members or friends of the sick child.
  • Referrals are only to be initiated where the Healthcare Professional has identified a genuine need for an immediate distraction in which the sick child or their immediate family will directly benefit from the referral.
  • When stating the reason for referral, please ensure it clearly demonstrates how the request is related to:
    • the health condition of a child; or
    • child or their immediate family’s emotional or mental well-being.
  • The child and family must not be aware of the specifics of the referral, to avoid any disappointment.
  • Once a RAPID TLC Request has been received and approved by the CEO or Executive Manager of TLC for Kids, the referral will be fulfilled in the shortest time possible.
  • Any media interest relating to a RAPID TLC Request must be approved by the CEO or Executive Manager of TLC for Kids.
  • Referrals cannot include anything that is not age appropriate or encourage consumption of alcohol.
Note: If TLC for Kids receives a request for a child and another organisation or individual has pursued the same request, TLC for Kids reserves the right to put on hold the request until further notice. This is only to avoid double up of requests to the same celebrity, company or individual that may otherwise be helping with the same request for the same child.

Specific requests

Electrical Equipment and Furniture

  • Whilst TLC for Kids is happy to provide electrical equipment and furniture to sick children when the above mentioned conditions are met, we are no longer able to provide monetary assistance for such items.
  • The recipients of such items and/or their parents/guardians should be aware that we do not cover costs relating to extension of warranty, installation, re-installation, maintenance or repair of these items.
  • Where a particular brand, size or model of an item is requested, TLC for Kids will endeavour to supply the specified item however we reserve the right to consider and provide a more affordable option where such option is available.


  • It is important that families who have been granted a family holiday understand that TLC for Kids can only provide accommodation at properties it is associated with. TLC for Kids does not cover or guarantee free meals during the family holiday, but will endeavour to provide these where possible.

Birthday Parties

  • We are no longer able to contribute to the organisation of children’s parties; however, we do offer financial assistance in special circumstances.

Mobile Phones

  • Please be advised that we are only able to provide pre-paid mobile phones which are within our budget.


  • TLC for Kids can no longer provide vouchers for food or fuel until further notice.
PLEASE NOTE: Healthcare Professionals who have been approved to access the Rapid TLC service are issued with a Personal Login. If shared, the Login will automatically be blocked by the system for 2 months.

If you require any further information or wish to discuss these Terms & Conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

TLC for Kids team.

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