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Kids, Parents & Healthcare Workers

Dear Tim & Ana, This is just a very quick but ENORMOUS thankyou before I write to you more formally to thank you so very much for planning and bringing to fruition a dream for Jonathon. Jonathon also wants to thank TLC. He told his mum he has had the best birthday ever!!!!!!! …and apparently Claudia has gone to school with a grin from ear to ear walking on cloud 9. Jonathan has been understandably very down at times dealing with this particularly difficult recent surgery. He has been an absolute ‘trooper’ along the course of his battle with cancer but this year has been incredibly difficult. He was absolutely dreading his birthday because life has been so tough. It has helped his parents in keeping supporting him knowing TLC were going to help out at a time they were all struggling but neither I nor the family expected the incredible array of presents TLC provided! Dina, Jonathan’s mum, has taken some photos of Jonathan getting the presents which once developed she would like me to pass onto you to show you how much they were appreciated. Dinalet Jonathan get out of bed to have a go of one of the sets they have set up. Jonathan’s brother can’t wait to get home from school to play cars with his brother. It gave Dina and Lou tremendous pleasure to watch their children’s excited faces. So MANY, MANY THANKS. Cheers, ” Janet Cowling, Very Special Kids

“Dear Tim, Thank you for my Ben 10 bike. I love the drink bottle on the bike. ” Love, Aiden

“Dearest Tim, I am supposed to be studying but all I can think about is my day at the hospital. Instead, I decided to write to Ana and yourself. As you can imagine many people have helped me with my illness. Most of them I have considered to be stars however, there are some that are shooting stars in my life. You are one of them…. No words could thank you enough for all the smiles and laughs you have given me. My time with you has had a great impact on my health. It’s true what they say, ‘Laughter is the best medicine!’ I understand laughing and smiling must be the last thing you want to do but its helped me hugely and I wouldn’t be where I am today with out it. Thank you for your on going support, laughter, encouragement…. I look forward to many more fun times with Ana, yourself and the shooting stars in my life. Talk to you soon, ” Smile, Brook

“Hi Irene, How are you? I just thought I would write a quick email to keep in touch. I would like to thank you for making Jessica jump into the pool with Matt [Welsh] the day Ali swam with him. As I think I explained to you that day, Jess was a very good distance swimmer and had competed several times. Maybe not Olympic potential! But she was very good. After a falling out with her coach early last year, she gave swimming up and didn’t want to get in the water again. Well after swimming with Matt, she has now started training again. Not as full on as she used to, however over the last few weeks she has competed for her school and achieved the following: broke the college record for the second year in a row in the 44m freestyle. That swim she took 2 seconds off her personal best. On Tuesday, she swam for the school in the district sports and came 3rd and took another 2 seconds off her PB. She now goes on to swim at Zone level. I thought you would like to know as I believe that swim spurred her on to get back into the water. She won’t compete apart from at school, but just for her to start up again has been fantastic. Thank you. Ali is well, she swam well and has made it to Zone as well in backstroke and freestyle, must have been the tips Matt gave her! We have a big day at outpatients today, we see all her doctors and it takes most of the day. I think they will be very happy with her Irene, she has gained weight and feels well, she has her spark back. I think her swim and the morning with Peter Mitchell has helped a lot. I believe it is the opportunities she has had with Ana and Tim that have boosted her self esteem. She really is a different person from last year when she had been in hospital for so long. I don’t think she could see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well must go, hope to catch up soon.” Take Care, Lynda

Sponsor Comments

“I am delighted to acknowledge support for a wonderful charity who operate in a very professional and caring manner. Of course I am writing about TLC for kids and Tim Conolan and his small but very effective team. I congratulate them on the way they interacted with 3AW 693 and Magic 1278 in regards to the TLC for kids radiothon conducted in October. On the day I had a first hand experience of how TLC for kids operates and that was a very pleasant experience. The dedicated and professional volunteers, along with the full time staff were totally in control of the live to air radiothon that highlighted a wonderful cause with wonderful ambassadors for TLC for kids. In a tough world it was a pleasure to support them and I urge anyone either in a cash or in kind support to become involved with TLC for kids.” David Mann Promotions & Marketing Manager, 3AW693

“MOR Cosmetics involvement with TLC for kids originated in 2006 and today remains our charity of choice. Although we are constantly contacted by many worthy charities, we are truly humbled by and in awe of the incredible service that TLC for kids provides to needy children and their families nationally – currently assisting 515,000 cases annually. We know TLC for kids to be a unique organisation that provides a special and often underrated service, formulated and actioned on a case by case basis to best suit the individual or families. Whether it is providing toys to distract a sick child from the harshness of medicine, to providing petrol or nearby accommodation for a family to visit their child or sibling in hospital, or just providing simple necessities such as toiletries or sleepwear, we can always be confident it will be delivered. As a charity partner, with TLC for kids you can be assured that: There is no red tape with TLC for kids. There is no political agenda with TLC for kids. There is just honest, genuine extended care for those in need, where the job gets done. At MOR we view TLC for kids as an unsung hero and we ask other corporations to join us in supporting this wonderful charity. TLC for kids deserves to have its profile raised to generate urgently needed funds to allow them the ability to give greater support to those less fortunate. It is the simple, practical and selfless approach by TLC for kids that truly captured our corporate imagination. Let it also capture yours.” Deon St Mor Founder, MOR Cosmetics

“Kmart approached TLC for kids to come on board with our coin collection program in late 2009. We were inspired by the work TLC conducted across the country and their unique way of helping children was something we wanted to get behind. Throughout the year we have developed a strong partnership with the team and are proud to be able to support such a deserving charity. We hope to be able to raise their profile so they can extend their services further and look forward to working with them in the years to come. Having operated in over 400 Australian hospitals for the past 12 years, TLC is a trusted support service in the medical industry offering unconditional support to kids doing it tough in hospital. The team work tirelessly to help enrich the lives of others through the various programs they offer and live by their mission to help put smiles back on sick kids faces. We would encourage you to get on board and help support TLC in any way you can.” Guy Russo, Managing Director, Kmart Australia

“I discovered TLC for kids in 2007, and I was immediately moved by their compassion and ambition. What struck me about the charity was how well known they were in the medical industry, and how active they are as an organisation, yet how reasonably undiscovered they were in the public eye. The fact is, TLC for kids handles the tough stuff no one else is taking ownership of – the practical, relevant services that really make a difference. They keep their services fresh and relevant by having strong relationships with hospitals, and also by hiring ex-hospital staff, who have their heads around the real issues. What’s great is that TLC is on the cusp of significant growth and we believe the Australian public will grab onto their cause with both hands, once they learn the importance of their work. At Salvo Property Group, we make a concerted effort to find and support the truly worthy causes, and we know we’ve chosen wisely with TLC for kids.” Mario Salvo Executive Chairman, Salvo Property Group

RAPID TLC Comments

“TLC for kids is an amazing one of a kind organisation! TLC provides children and families with much needed distraction, relief and support faster than we can say thank-you. TLC has provided some of my patients with: Toys/ipods or other items that not only help children and young people to while away the hours, but provide essential distraction and comfort during intrusive and painful procedures Support families at times of great need, e.g. flying family members down to be with the patient at critical times Provide opportunities for our patients and their families to spend quality time together that they could not afford otherwise, e.g. family zoo passes The TLC staff are always friendly and available to discuss any requests. They not only make my job a bit easier, but they improve patient social and emotional wellbeing. Many thanks to TLC for their ongoing support of our families! Alys.” Alys-Marie Manguy, Social Worker, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

“On behalf of the Paediatric Unit at Box Hill Hospital, we wish to thank TLC for kids for the generous provision of a laptop computer for our Play Therapy Department. It will be well utilised to facilitate play and diversional activities for the children, thus assisting us to minimise children’s anxieties associated with hospitalisation. Ultimately, TLC’s contributions have assisted us to achieve our goal of continuously improving the quality of Paediatric Health Care Services we provide to thousands of children throughout Melbourne’s eastern suburbs every year.” Denise Patterson, Program Director Women’s & Children’s Services, Box Hill Hospital

“Hi TLC team, I wanted to let all you all know how amazing it has been for me to work with all of you and I thank you so much for everything you have helped with for my families. You have truly made such a difference to these children’s lives and I am so honoured to have been able to get to know your organisation and work so closely with you at many times on many things. I wish you all the best in the future and once again thank you – thank you – thank you!!!!!” Ryan M, Case Manager

“Hi Tim, just a quick note to thank you very, very much for a fabulous trip to the Aquarium on Wednesday. The guys had a great time and they all love hanging out with you. You make them laugh. Thanks. Gab, Adolescent Unit, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

“Thank you for the kind gift of DVD’s for the children and their families. I am sure they will be put to good use for a long time to come.” Adrian Hutchinson, PICU Nurse Unit Manager, Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

Distraction Box Comments

Distraction Boxes provide invaluable resources that are integral in effecting a positive (or at least less traumatic) experience for children, parents/carers & staff in performing invasive examinations & procedures on children in the Emergency Department. By definition such toys not only distract the child from the immediate treatment at hand but the greater stressful environment of the emergency department surrounding them. Royal Darwin Hospital

The distraction boxes have proved to be wonderful for our immunisation clinics and programs. Thank you for your fantastic service, all the nurses and clients at Cooma and Jindabyne Community Health truly appreciate this unbelievably FREE service. Cooma and Jindabyne Community Health

A fantastic service provided and an essential part of the treatment of paediatrics in our department. Thank you for continuing to provide these items and for making an emergency visit for children a little easier to cope with. Benalla and District Memorial Hospital

I regularly immunise with a colleague and the distraction box is very much part of what we do now. While I am unable to comment on reduction in pain relief, the difference it can make to the parents & children is visible. Children who are so upset can often be distracted & seem to settle quickly after the injection. Queabeyan Health Services

Wouldn’t be without the distraction box now Urbenville Multipurpose Service

Thank you so much for these boxes, they are a life saver for the many procedures we do in our busy emergency department Mater Children’s Hospital

Thank you for this wonderful adjunct to making our job so much easier. Maroondah Hospital

On behalf of the Paediatric Unit, Paediatric Outpatients, theatre and Emergency Departments, we would like to thank you for your provision of distraction boxes. These boxes are invaluable during medical procedures to minimise children’s anxieties. Your commitment to facilitating staff education to ensure the boxes are appropriately utilised is also to be commended. Box Hill Hospital

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