TLC Ambulance Service

Transporting children in palliative care to their most treasured destinations to create lasting memories for the whole family.

About the TLC Ambulance

TLC for Kids is proud to be partnering with one of Victoria’s most respected institutions, Ambulance Victoria, to introduce The TLC Ambulance.

In 2019, the TLC Ambulance began delivering special moments to sick children in palliative care, transporting them to their most treasured places to experience that joy one last time. The experience will be captured and commemorated for the family.

How It Works

1. TLC for Kids fields Requests from paediatric referrers
2. Ambulance Victoria Paramedics are scheduled to drive the vehicle
3. TLC for Kids team members organise the trip
4. The TLC Ambulance safely provides round-trip transport for the child and their family to a treasured destination
5. The family receive a package of photos and footage that capture the beautiful moments and memories created during their trip, made possible by the TLC Ambulance

A Unique Service

The TLC Ambulance is the first program of its kind in Australia, offering an immersive and engaging experience that differentiates the vehicle from other patient transport vehicles. The TLC Ambulance is more than just a vehicle – it offers a beautiful, memorable day out for families to treasure forever.

The type of trips include

Sitting by a favourite lake

Patting their dog at the park or at home

An ice-cream on the shore of the beach

A day trip to the zoo with the whole family

Visiting a friend or grandparent

Some touching moments

Program Background

Prior to the TLC Ambulance, there was no system available in Australia to provide medically appropriate transport for terminally ill patients, other than standard hospital to hospital, hospital to home or home to hospital transfers. 

The TLC Ambulance service was developed as a response to this gap. The service was greatly informed by conversations with a TLC Mum, Jemima (an Ambulance Victoria Paramedic), who offered invaluable advice as someone who has experienced the loss of a child due to terminal illness. 

It came to light that an important component of caring for and humanising terminally ill patients is being able to provide, as much as possible, for a special, final request of the patient and their family. This provides comfort for the patient and enables the family to create happy memories to take with them into the future. 

Most palliative patients have medical requirements that make normal transport difficult or impossible, and this is, therefore, a significant impediment to fulfilling their very special requests.

A few Trips we have fulfilled



TLC for Kids is in the business of putting smiles on the faces of sick kids and their families. The TLC Ambulance is one of our services that helps us achieve this.

Through supporting our work, you or your business or organisation can help us continue providing this vital program and help create beautiful and lasting memories for so many families.

Whether it’s a contribution on behalf of yourself, or on behalf of your business, every dollar donated to our cause ensures we are there when sick children and their families need us the most.

You are welcome to complete the donation form on this page, or if you’d like to discuss a possible sponsorship opportunity, we can work with you to develop a mutually beneficial partnership that makes both business and community sense.

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