When a child is feeling traumatised, uncertain or vulnerable, it is important to reassure them with positive engagement. This can be done via the Digital Distraction App to encourage play and give the child a sense of control. Distraction given when and where it is needed can have a positive impact on the outcome of medical examinations, vaccinations or even minor procedures.

Due to a growing demand to assist children before, during, and post-hospital visitation, TLC for Kids, has developed a Digital Distraction App.

The Digital Distraction™ App will give children access to “anywhere, anytime distraction”.

The Digital Distraction App comprises a variety of games, each with a specific purpose to help distract and reduce fear for a child during a medical procedure or whilst they are under any form of stress or discomfort. We’ve developed the App to be very user and child friendly. With no ads, signups, or plug-ins, there are many fun and colourful distraction activities to divert children’s attention whilst they learn how to use and associate distraction as a tool to improve their mental wellbeing.

To access the App, simply visit tlcforkids.app from any smart device. It is compatible with iPhone and Android or any phone, tablet etc., that has internet access.  No login is required, and you don’t have to set up an account or anything like that. It is open for all to use at any time. 

Each of the games has its own instruction pop up that you can read before playing. There is also a Help page which includes a short description and a video as an example of how to play. 

Before you begin to play, you will be asked how you are feeling (pick which image best describes your mood). You will then be directed to the game selection page, where you can choose which game you wish to play. Once you have finished playing, you simply click the “have you finished playing” button. It will then ask you to pick the mood you are now in. 

This is what we call the “distraction reaction”, meaning we can see if you have been distracted by the mood you were in before playing to the mood you are now in. 

Don’t forget to take your time playing and enjoy each form of distraction our games have to offer. 


Don’t forget to take your time playing and enjoy each form of distraction our games have to offer. 

To improve on the App and provide additional content, we ask that people consider leaving feedback after play. This can be done by simply clicking the “Leave Feedback” button at the bottom of the Thank you page. 

This feedback will prove to be invaluable to the success of the App, and help us towards our goal of providing one of the widest-reaching and most used digital distraction tools in the world.