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Taking The Mickey


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, 9th August 2023.

We want you to join us for a night filled with laughter, wit, and more fun than a clown juggling flaming bananas.

Taking the Mickey is celebrating its glorious 11th year, and we’ve rounded up even more of the best Comics of our time. 

Our fabulous lineup includes the one and only Bob Franklin as the host of the evening, who will be joined by the very talented Celia Pacquola, Tony Martin, Bron Lewis, Matt Stewart and Terry North.

We’re thrilled to announce that TLC for Kids is once again teaming up with Middle Park FC for this sidesplitting event. We can’t thank them enough for their unwavering support. Together, we’re going to raise funds for a great cause and laugh our socks off! It’s gonna be a good old belly-shaking, tear-inducing, laughter-filled night that’ll make your abs sore (or at least make you feel like you’ve done sit-ups without actually doing them).


  1. $40 for each ticket, that price is awesome
  2. Option to make an additional donation to TLC for Kids because you are awesome
  3. Make a donation because (for whatever reason) you can’t make it but still want to be awesome 

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