Give1 is a campaign by TLC for Kids to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our communities always have a safety net to catch them.

Sick children and their families are suffering even more so due to the global pandemic. Grand gestures or fancy experiences won’t help – that’s why we are empowering families by helping them with their basic needs, enabling them to focus on caring for their child

Every $1 makes a difference, especially in these challenging times for so many people.

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Give one minute of your time to set up one small donation a year, a month or a week to make sure vulnerable families never hit rock bottom.



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A Wheel’ly Good Zoo

Issac has been finding it increasingly difficult to spend too many hours in his wheelchair. As his prime means of transportation, this means the time Issac chooses to spend mobile is a precious and finite resource to him, limited by his pain threshold for the day.

This month we received a Rapid Request for Issac and his mother, Kelly, asking that we provide the family with annual tickets to Halls Gap Zoo. Daily trips to the Zoo for Issac and his mum Kim add valuable to Issac’s quality of life.

It doesn’t become apparent how invaluable mobility is until something starts to take it away. Accepting Issac’s limitation, fulfilling this Rapid Request was an opportunity for Kelly and Issac to enjoy some time outdoors. Coming from a farming background, she knows all too well the importance of nature to mental health and wellbeing



A Natural Connection

Jeremy always loved visiting the zoo, but due to his declining sight, his ability to visually enjoy the animals was slowly being taken away. On Jeremy’s behalf, A TLC Healthcare Referrer felt a close-up animal experience would be beneficial to Jeremy and his family.

The TLC Ambulance took the family to a local scout hall where a mobile petting zoo had been set up just for them. Jeremy and his sister Jean got to spend the afternoon not just looking at the animals, but touching and playing with them. While his sight may be taken from him, Jeremy got the chance to use his other senses to connect with the natural world.

There is something special about seeing the majesty of nature up close that puts our lives into perspective. Nature reminds us that we are not above or separate from it, but a part of something greater, and we are glad that the TLC Ambulance could provide that special moment to Jeremy.

A Sea of Silence

On the 15th of July, for the fifth time, Melburnians went back into lockdown. People disappeared off the streets as workers retreated back to their homes, emptying the city. In the chaos, the TLC Ambulance quietly pulled up to the front doors of Sea Life Aquarium.

Kain had been unable to leave the hospital for almost a year, yet on the eve of another citywide shutdown, he and his family were given a reprieve and the opportunity to create memories, temporarily free from the virus and the public.

Through tears, Kain’s mother struggled to express how much this trip meant to her family. That their time together, free from the curious and intrusive gaze of the public, would become a precious memory. After a long hospital stint, she was glad that Kain could spend a rare afternoon relaxing with his family.