Give1 is a campaign by TLC for Kids to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our communities always have a safety net to catch them.

Sick children and their families are suffering even more so due to the global pandemic. Grand gestures or fancy experiences won’t help – that’s why we are empowering families by helping them with their basic needs, enabling them to focus on caring for their child

Every $1 makes a difference, especially in these challenging times for so many people.

If you would like to download the Give1 Campaign flyer to send to your friends or colleagues, click here.

Make a difference. Give $1 today
It costs less than 1/3 of a cup of coffee to help a sick kid.

You can help make a difference in 3 easy steps.

  1. Scan the QR Code (click the link)
  2. Fill in your details
  3. You have just made a difference and helped a sick kid and still have change left over to go towards your next cup of coffee (or make another donation)
Give one minute of your time to set up one small donation a year, a month or a week to make sure vulnerable families never hit rock bottom.



Would you like to consider Workplace Giving or Regular Giving for your staff?

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“Words cannot express the joy that your package brought not only Piper but also myself…”

“It was a really rough 6 weeks for us and I for one was so touched to see all the pampering goods mixed in with all the toys. Whilst Piper squealed with delight I gathered the bath salts, face mask and moisturiser and was soaking in the bath like a lady of leisure within the hour…I may or may not have added a glass of wine to the mix also 😉”

“…this moment of self care was the perfect way to wash away the hospital woes and transition back into home life.

Whoever was in charge of shopping for our surprises hit the nail on the head and we feel so lucky to have been shown this kindness.

Please know that I have safely stored the majority of Piper’s gifts away to drip feed her over future admissions.  These gifts are just perfect for her, especially during these covid times when limited supports are positive distractions are available within the hospital.”

Ethan is in palliative care, suffering from Adrenal Insufficiency with the additional diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Every year his Mum makes a big deal of Ethan’s birthday and orders him a special cake. Unfortunately, their usual service had to suspend services due to COVID-19. Ethan’s Mother is a single parent and works full-time, and was struggling to find the time, energy and finances to provide him with a cake for his 9th birthday.

Hearing that Ethan’s favourite book is Animalia by Graeme Base, we organised a themed cake for Ethan made with love by one of our supporters, Boutique Cakes. 

We recently had the opportunity to brighten the day of this family, who are doing their very best in a tough situation.

We were able to get some fun games for the boys, as well as a birthday gift for their 21 year old sister, who is a fantastic support for her younger brothers as well as paying for some outstanding bills.

Prior to Victoria’s return to Lockdown, we received a request for the mother of a young palliative child, who was in desperate need of a break for her own health and wellbeing. Her son is 8 and suffers from a neurological disorder called Nemaline Myopathy. He is now palliative and on bi-pap 24 hours per day and in a wheelchair.

We organised for this Mum to have a much-needed weekend away in nearby Lorne, which she loved. She wrote to us, “Thank you so much for the lovely weekend away in Lorne! It was so relaxing and a much needed break away from the full time care of my little one. It was so nice to have the space to take care of myself for a couple of days and come back feeling refreshed.”