Pandemics won’t stop us supporting sick kids

I am incredibly proud of my team for finding innovative ways to continue delivering our key services to sick kids and their families during COVID-19.

As a result of the global pandemic, the current economic situation has driven many vulnerable families closer to the poverty line. Some parents have lost income and the ability to pay significant medical costs. Many of the usual key in-home supports, like NDIS workers, were suspended, placing more burden onto the family.

Although we had to adjust our service delivery, mostly to ensure the safety of immuno-compromised children, we were still able to quickly and effectively action every Rapid TLC request that came through.

What we do know during these still-uncertain times is that illness does not stop for a pandemic. We had to find a way to help these families in need.

Our Distraction Boxes became even more essential in stressful situations and treatment due to both visitor restrictions, and in-hospital volunteer, entertainer and therapist restricted access.

Our TLC Ambulance service did unfortunately need to stay off the road for quite some time, right after we launched it over 12 months ago, however we are now back and making up for lost time through streamlining our processes to successfully deliver more trips to children in palliative care.

The global pandemic has seen the Australian charity sector fall to its knees in fundraising, lack of funds, reduction in staff, and readjusting to a new digital reality, often with little internal resourcing.

At TLC for Kids, we meet these new horizons with determination, expertise, and an unrelenting desire to lead the way. Our work continues to ensure that the families most affected do not slip through cracks. As always, we will be there to support them in whatever ways they need.

This is not a singular pursuit. With thanks to every person who has contributed and made a commitment to help sick children in situations they cannot change during these unpredictable times, we continue to construct new pathways.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out.

With Kindness,

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