Encourage your workplace to make regular, passive, pre-tax donations via payroll, supporting your CSR in the process. For more info on Workplace Giving, click here

Nominate TLC for Kids as a charity partner at events organised by you or your staff, with proceeds raised via raffle, auction or ticket sales. To get started, fill out a quick form

Promote TLC for Kids as the chosen charity for individuals participating in fun runs, competitions or physical activities where there is an option of fundraising involved – see events.

Sponsor or participate in our national Tracky Dack Day campaign, where people wear their trackies and make a donation in solidarity with hospitalised kids. Find out more

Attend or sponsor our Schepisi Communications charity golf days in Sydney and/or Melbourne. It’s a great opportunity to give back and network. 
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Sponsor the TLC for Kids Marawalk, a marathon walking event hosted in Geelong, Victoria. There are walking options for just about anyone.
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Get involved with the quarterly $500,000 Play for Purpose raffle, where tickets bought on our page generate a return for TLC for Kids, while the buyer gets a 1/19 chance of winning a prize.
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Make a direct tax-deductible pledge to TLC for Kids to support our vital services, while also supporting your CSR efforts. Help us support all sick kids, no matter their health condition or illness.
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Help us with our networking and advocacy efforts by spreading the word, making referrals, engaging with us on social media, or giving us some space in your next e-newsletter.
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If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact or 1300 361 461.