Think Global, Act Local

As we look to improve the lives of as many sick kids and their families as we can this year and beyond, we need to consider the current social issues, both in our own backyard, and also in the context of what is happening on the world stage. From the UN’s sustainable development goals focused on healthy communities, to buying lemonade from a neighbour child’s home stall, we need to remain connected to common threads of empowerment, resilience, care and equity, as we work together to deliver lasting impact. 

We all know these times are unplanned, and we are now even more acutely aware of ensuring, at TLC for Kids, we remain a core safety net, an additional support in an often under-resourced healthcare system, to ensure collaborative care for all children and their families, regardless of the medical condition, their background, location, or financial status.  

Key issues can be overlooked in times of medical crisis due to intense focus on the situation at hand. For example, paying bills, buying essential medical equipment, updating domestic appliances to assist in the child’s recovery, and emotional support for the carers, parents, siblings, and the child themselves. These can have a huge impact on recovery, wellbeing of the family unit, and the flow-on socio-psychological effects. 

In the 2007 Australian Unity Wellbeing Index Survey The Wellbeing of Australians – Carer Health and Wellbeing, it was reported that carers have the lowest collective wellbeing of any population group yet discovered.

This has not changed. 

We must act locally to achieve a global effect. At TLC for Kids, we provide many families with individualised support so no one is forgotten.

Together we can do more by collaborating and innovating to achieve greater things to help those who need us now more than ever.

As a further insight into my philosophy, here is a speech I recently made in my role as an Australia Day Ambassador and Australian of the Year, Local Hero I hope you find something in it that resonates. 

If you have any questions or want to connect, please reach out.

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