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Latest update from TLC for Kids.

It has been a minute since we all sat down and had a chat, and to say a lot has been going on since you last heard from us might be a bit of an understatement. Considering the challenges everyone has been facing, both locally and globally, we are pleased to provide you with an update that will hopefully help put a smile on your face.

Our TLC Kids and their families are our number one priority. They needed our help and support more than ever before, especially over the last couple of years.

Financially many families were hit hard as parents lost their jobs and resources became expensive.

Emotionally they all dealt with being a family separated between home and the hospital and,

Physically, serious illness did not stop for a pandemic and, for many, made life more difficult.

All of our TLC Families remained brave during such uncertain times, and we would love to share their stories and how our TLC Services made a positive impact on their lives.

And just before we get to the stories, we just want to mention that without the continued support we have received from our donors and partners, especially during the pandemic, we would not have been able to continue to provide the emotional and individualised support for so many children and families. In many cases, they had no one else to turn to.

And now, on to the stories….

Julie’s parents were also given a food voucher. They were able to order a lovely meal into the hospital and enjoy some quality family time together.

The RAPID TLC service makes situations more enjoyable and comfortable for the family. It is about being there for our community’s most vulnerable. Helping where we can and making a difference in their lives.

Every RAPID TLC request has a purpose, and we understand the significance of the items requested. In this case, specifically, the art and crafts supplies were giving Jazz tools to help keep herself distracted and her mindset at ease.

Thank you for your support…

Thank you for your commitment to our community. Together we are making a valuable difference to people and communities across Australia while helping to create a lasting and positive impact. We look forward to being able to continue our services to help as many sick children and their families as possible. Our services are only made possible through the tireless dedication, generosity, and kindness of supporters like yourself.

We look forward to sharing more about the impact of these projects with you over the coming weeks.

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