Farewell Deb!

If you are one of our healthcare professionals, or if your family has received our support, or even if you’ve been to one of our events, chances are you’ve spoken to this lovely lady.

Deb has been the Rapid TLC & Distraction Box Coordinator for five years. But now, she moves on to an equally important job – grandmotherhood!

Before we said goodbye to Deb, we sat down and asked her about some highlights from her time at TLC for Kids

What are some key experiences from being at TLC for Kids?
  • Working with and being inspired by a team of beautiful people.
  • In my first week, realising for the first time how many sick children are in hospital
  • Meeting families struggling to cope with their child’s condition – yet still able to smile and share their stories in spite of everything they are going through.
What are some of your memorable Rapid TLC Requests
  • There are too many to mention – each and every Request has been special to me!
The highlights and challenges of being the Rapid TLC Coordinator
  • Highlight – Arriving to a hospital room and seeing a child feeling pretty down, but watching how their face changes as we open the bags and out tumble surprises to help them forget about the tough stuff for a while.
  • Challenge – In the most tragic circumstances, delivering to a child knowing they’ll soon pass. I delivered a package of favourite DVDs and toys to a little boy for his 2nd birthday. He was at home and was so unwell, but managed a little smile. Mum and Dad were lovely and so grateful – their little boy Spencer passed two days later. It was gut-wrenching.
What message do you have for TLC families?
  • You are all inspirational. Mums and Dads providing care and support for their child, 24/7, even when totally exhausted, is so inspiring. In many cases, when they realise that the package is for their child to keep and take home, they want to do something for TLC for Kids in return – as if they haven’t already got enough happening! Amazing.
What message do you have for our healthcare professionals? 
  • You always thank TLC for Kids for supporting the children and families in your requests, and we’re always happy to help in some way. Today it’s time to thank you – thanks for going to work every day, providing support and a positive outlook to the children and families in your care. Day…after day…after day.
Thank you so much for your service, Deb. Your passion and kindness is truly inspiring. Best wishes!

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